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Download and install SockOut for your device.
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Download for WM6, WM5,
Pocket PC 2003, 2002, 2000
Download for H/PC Pro and H/PC 2000


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Screen Shots for 
H/PC Pro

Raves & Reviews

SockOut - a high-speed "ball and paddle" arcade game. With many unique levels to conquer and an assortment of special "fun-bricks", SockOut will keep you coming back for more.
bulletGreat colors
bulletCool sound effects
bulletSpeed control
bulletMany exciting levels of brick layouts
bulletA variety of randomly placed "fun bricks" (some helpful, some destructive).
bulletTop scores saved in "Hall of Fame"

Versions for WM6, WM5, PPC2003, 2002, 2000, H/PC Pro and H/PC 2000


bulletPaddle : Moves along the bottom of the play area and is the controlled by moving the HPC's pen left and right within the play area.
bulletBall : Launched from the paddle by pressing the space bar or "double-tapping" the pen on the display. The ball will shoot up to hit a brick and rebound. Hitting a regular brick causes that brick to be removed and gives you 5 points.
bulletScore Area : Shows the current score, number of lives left and the level currently being played. When all of the bricks are removed from the screen, a new level is displayed and the user gets an additional life. The first level of a new game is always the "Base" level (3 rows of bricks). Every level after the first is randomly selected.
bulletControls : Sound can be turned on and off by checking/unchecking the sound box. Help and information (such as the Hall of Fame Top Scores and Fun Brick identifiers) as well as setting ball-speed can be accessed by pressing the "Info & Help" button.
bulletStandard Bricks : When the ball hits a standard brick, it is removed and the user earns 5 points.
bulletFun Bricks : There are 14 different Fun Bricks (see Fun Bricks Help screen below). Hitting a Fun Brick can be good or bad for the user, depending on the brick. Fun Bricks are randomly placed in the brick area (some levels have specific Fun Bricks added also).