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WinCELair Too
- "SockOutPPC rocks!"
- "I just love the interface - I really think that this sort of game was made to be played with a pen interface!"
- "SockOutPPC offers simple but addictive gameplay, a very intuitive interface, and makes a great time-filler for those times when you just need a break."
- "The variety of levels and types of bricks is nicely done - the levels are sometimes challenging, sometimes cute, and always fun."
- "If you're looking for a good arcade game for your PPC, check out SockOutPPC. It's fast, fun and straightforward - a great stress reliever."

Blake's Nino Review Page
- "SockOutPPC is currently the best piece of entertainment software I've got on my Nino."
- "Addictive, fun and great for a quick pick-up / put-down game on the run."
- "The great graphics, sound and control come together in a way that really makes this title shine."
- "...since I got this game, I'm probably whipping my Nino out of my pocket twice as much as I did before - this is a very playable game that is definitely worth the registration fee."
- "The graphics on this game are great."
- "The sound effects are very well done and make the game quite engaging."
- "The control that the player has over the paddle is excellent."

WinCELair Too
"You are not going to get tired of this game too quickly - it has 25 levels. It's so much fun!"
"SockOut is an easy to use, fun and multi-featured Arcenoid clone that blows away other clones."
"The game is simple, yet addicting and fun"
"You can find yourself playing for hours without realizing that you have become hooked".
"Anyone who ever has spare time with his or her H/PC should look into purchasing this product."

MazeCrazeMedIcon.gif (5881 bytes)

MazeCrazeMedIcon.gif (5881 bytes)

WinCELair Too
- "If you love Pac-man type games, get MazeCrazePPC. It's addictive and fast-paced."
- "This program is an excellent implementation of what a game for the PPC platform should be."
- "MazeCrazePPC is a surprisingly fast-paced arcade game that will provide both a momentary distractions... and hours of addictive gameplay."
- "The variety and design of the mazes is really quite good, with a few surprising twists"
- "Clearly there was a considerable amount of thought and design put into this game"

Tucows Ratings: 5 cows - "Must have! Beautiful piece of programming"
5cows.gif (3735 bytes) 

CEcity - "...a great game. Check it out."
"The game is easy to figure out"
"There's a special "Key Ahead" feature built in the game so you can press the direction you want Nerdly to go before he actually gets there."
"You can choose the speed of the game so if you're just learning you don't have to go at hyper speed"