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A Screen Print Utility for the Pocket PC & Windows CE
Now Prints in Color!!  Version 1.970 Available  See What's New

$14.95 - Buy Me Now!

Download & install PocketShot for your device.  When you make your purchase at "Buy Me Now" you will receive a Registration Code that permanently unlocks the evaluation mode.

Printers Supported by PocketShot

Download - Use Free for 30-days

Download for Pocket PC
Pocket PC WM6, WM5, PPC2003/2002
Download for H/PC Pro 
and H/PC 2000
  PocketShot for Pocket PC is one of the most easy-to-use programs that I have ever encountered. Rating: Excellent!!    

I find PocketShot to be a utility that I will be using almost every day... 
Rating: 5 of 5 Smileys!  PocketPCMinds

We use PocketShot for all our Pocket PC screen grabs... We've tried several utilities, but this one's the best for ease of use and beautiful results. 
DingBat - HandHeaven Review

Free Upgrade to PocketShot v1.970:  If you purchased a previous version of PocketShot, you can upgrade to this latest version for free. Simply click on the Download link (above right) for your device, download the installer, and run it from your desktop to install the newest version. If you have any difficulties, please uninstall PocketShot from your device (Start menu -> Settings -> System Tab -> Remove Programs -> select "FieldSoftware PocketShot" and tap the "Remove" button then "Yes". Now try installing the new version again.

Questions or problems? Email to techsupport@fieldsoftware.com

What is PocketShot?

PocketShot captures and prints out full-color snapshots of the Pocket PC or Windows CE display. Screen shots can be saved as BMP image files and printed to a wide variety of infrared and serial printers (click here for list of printers supported).

Using PocketShot:

bulletRun PocketShot_Install.exe from your desktop to install to your device.
bulletOn your device, select Start->Programs and tap on PocketShot. This takes you to the “Activation” dialog box.
bulletPress any launch button to select –You can select one of the PocketPC’s hardware buttons to be used to snap a screen shot. Press the actual button you wish to select for use. For HPC/Pro, you will not select a launch button but will instead tap on the camera icon in the traybar.
bulletOK – Hides PocketShot until you press the selected launch button  or taskbar icon (see “Snapping a ScreenShot” below).
bulletQuit – Quits PocketShot and restores all hardware buttons to the normal state.
bulletAn alternative way to activate PocketShot is to start PocketShot a second time from the Start menu… if PocketShot is already running it will snap a screen shot just as if you pressed an activation button.

Snapping a Screen Shot: When you press the selected launch button or tap on the camera icon in the traybar, PocketShot snaps a screen shot and displays the main PocketShot dialog box.

bulletOn the right side of the window is a small representation of the screen shot that was snapped and is ready to be printed and/or saved.
bulletSave as BMP to: Check this to save the screen shot as a BMP file. The text box contains the filename to be used. Note: if you leave the checkbox checked, PocketShot will increment the filename and save a new copy of the screen shot each time.
bulletPrint: Click on to print the screen snapshot when “Go” is pressed.
bulletPrint Size: Select the size of the screen shot to be printed… 100% will print out approximately the same size as your PocketPC screen.
bulletGo: Begins printing process (unless you selected “Don’t Print”) and saves the screen shot as a BMP file if you checked “Save as BMP”.
bulletOptions: Brings up the “Activation” dialog box (see above) to let you review and change the activation button.
bulletQuit: Quits PocketShot and restores hardware buttons to normal state

Printing Process: When you press Go with a Print Size selected, you will see the Printer Selection dialog box (see below):

bulletQuit: Quits PocketShot and restores hardware buttons to normal state
bulletSelect your printer and other options.
bulletStart Printing begins the printing process. If you are printing via the Infrared port, make sure your PocketPC’s Infrared port is lined up with your printer’s infrared port.
bulletMore Settings brings up a dialog box with a variety of seldom needed printer settings you can change (see below)
bulletCancel Printing bypasses the printing process and returns to PocketShot’s “hiding” state – waiting for you to press the launch button again.

Network Printing

What Do The Printer Options Do?

Printers Supported by PocketShot
Volume Discounts for PocketShot:
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For questions or company purchase orders or by check  contact sales@fieldsoftware.com
Single User
$14.95 ea
2-9 Installations
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10-24 Installations
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