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MazeCraze Now!

Download and install MazeCraze for your device.  When you purchase at "Buy MazeCraze Now" you will receive a Registration Code that permanently unlocks the evaluation mode.

Download for Pocket PC 2003, 2003, 2000
Download for H/PC Pro & H/PC 2000


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MazeCraze "will provide hours of enjoyment to anyone with a Pocket PC and a bit of spare time" 
PocketNow.com Review

Introducing Nerdly

Nerdly is our hero... the most successful entrepreneur in the world. Unfortunately, Nerdly's success has unleashed the fury of government regulators who are out to eradicate him. Your job is to assist Nerdly in his mad scramble to accumulate a wealth of points while avoiding the agents who are striving mightily to be rid of Nerdly once & for all. 

Can you keep Nerdly away from the determined
government agents long enough to pile up
a mountain of points?

Highlights of MazeCraze:

bulletUse the pen to direct Nerdly.
bulletEach $ dot is worth 5 points.
bulletWhen Nerdly eats a Gold bar, he gets 7 seconds on a tank (see "Nerdly on the prowl" below) so he can snag as many government agents as possible : 200 points for the 1st, 400 for the 2nd, 600 for the 3rd and 800 more for the 4th - 2,000 points in 7 seconds if Nerdly can grab 'em all!!
bulletTunnels - (2 or 4 - depending on the maze) - Nerdly accelerates as he zips out one tunnel and back through another - pursuers are left in the dust!
bulletA Bonus Cherry occasionally appears in one tunnel, floats lazily to exit through another tunnel, but is worth 500 points if Nerdly can catch it.
bulletWatch Out! As you accumulate points, Nerdly's pursuers become more aggressive.
bulletMany unique maze designs randomly selected... finish off one maze, move on to the next one.
bulletGreat colors
bulletCool sound effects (easily turned off when the boss is lurking nearby)
bulletSpeed control (set a calm pace or go for fast & furious)
bulletTop scores saved in "Hall of Fame"
bulletVersions for WM6, WM5, PPC2003, 2002, 2000, H/PC Pro and H/PC 2000 devices

Nerdly goes-a-hunting   --   Go Nerdly Go!!