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PocketPixPrint Command Line Support

PocketPixPrint supports parameter passing through the command-line to allow Pocket PC applications to use PocketPixPrint for printing images and pages of thumbnail images behind the scenes. Any or all of the following parameters may be passed via command-line.

Supported command-line parameters are:

Single Image Printing:
/IFpath - Image file path to print
/ISx - Print Size : 0=Exact, 1=Fit to Page, 2=Custom Size (default: 0)
/IHx - Horizontal posn: 0=Left, 1=horiz center, 2=right (default 1)
/IVx - Vertical posn: 0=Top, 1=vertical center, 2=bottom (default 1)

Single Image Custom Print Size settings:
/CPx - Maintain proportions/Aspect ration: 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE (default: 0)
/CWx - Custom Width in locale units -inches or cm (default: 5.0 inches)
/CHx - Custom height in locale units (default 3.0 inches)

Thumbnail Printing:
/TFpath - Path to folder containing thumbnail images to print
/TAx - Thumbnail images across+1 (0-9) -> 1-10 (default: 4)
/TDx - Thumbnail images down+1 (0-9) -> 1-10 (default: 6)
/EJ - Exclude JPG files
/EB - Exclude BMP files
/EG - Exclude GIF files
/EP - Exclude PNG files

Filename & Font (shared by Single Image & Thumbnail):
/FTx - Print file names : 0=NO, 1=YES (default: 1)
/FNfontname - Font name to use (default: Tahoma)
/FSx - Point size of font (default: 12pt for single image, 8pt for thumbnail)

Misc. Settings (shared by Single Image & Thumbnail):
/Bx - Brightness setting: 0=darkest, 9=lightest (default: 4)
/E - Extended error return (see Return Values discussion below)
/Rregcode - Developer's registration code
/SS - Skip Single Image/Thumbnail setup dialog
/SP - Skip Printer Selection dialog

Return Values: Use the "GetExitCodeProcess()" function (see example below) to determine if PrintPocketCE was successful in printing. Normally returns 0 for Error or 1 for Success. If /E option (extended error code) is passed in command-line, then GetExitCodeProcess() returns error codes equivalent to those returned by GetLastError() function, including the following:











Example: the following is C code that uses CreateProcess() to invoke PocketPixPrint to print the image file "Apples.jpg" in the \My Documents\Photos folder. Specify Custom size of 6.0 inches wide by 4.0 inches high while maintaining the images proportions (aspect ratio). 

  //Start up PocketPixPrint - filename and set QuickPrint mode
  bval=CreateProcess(_T("\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\PocketPixPrint.exe"),
        _T("/IF \\My Documents\\Photos\\Apples.jpg /IS2 /CP /CW6.0 /CH4.0"), 
        NULL,NULL,FALSE,0, NULL, NULL, NULL, &pi);
  if (bval==0) {
      //Error starting PocketPixPrint
  else {
      // Lets wait until PocketPixPrint finishes printing
      WaitForSingleObject(pi.hProcess, INFINITE);
      //PocketPixPrint is done... lets see if it was successful
      DWORD dwExit;
      GetExitCodeProcess(pi.hProcess, &dwExit);
      if (dwExit==0) {
          //Handle error

Two Ways to Distribute PocketPixPrint: 
  1. Purchase a developer's license for the anticipated number of installations (see pricing below). Then you can use your PocketPixPrint registration code as a command-line parameter to temporarily unlock PocketPixPrint for use by your program. You can include the PocketPixPrint installer with your app's deliverables to install PocketPixPrint to your customer's device.
  2. To use PocketPixPrint with no upfront costs to you, make printing optional and allow your customers that want printing to purchase PocketPixPrint for themselves. When your customer tries to print an image file with your app, you can check to see if PocketPixPrint is installed (CreateProcess() will return an error if PocketPixPrint is not installed). Do NOT pass a registration code using this method. If your customer has installed and registered PocketPixPrint, your app's printing will proceed smoothly. If CreateProcess() returns an error, you can display a message box instructing your customer to proceed to www.fieldsoftware.com to purchase PocketPixPrint. Your customers can use the 30-day evaluation period to try out PocketPixPrint. This approach allows you to offer printing capabilities with no cost to you. 

Special Developer Pricing for PocketPixPrint: If you wish to use PocketPixPrint from within your own Pocket PC application using the Command-Line support, you can purchase a Developer License below. The two primary limitations on PocketPixPrint Developer Licenses:

  1. Your application may not directly compete with PocketPixPrint or have, as one of its primary function's, the ability to select and print image files from Pocket PC devices.
  2. Your application must use the /R parameter to pass your License Key each time it uses PocketPixPrint and this License Key must not be made available to your users. This will allow your users to print from your application without permanently unlocking PocketPixPrint for their own general use on their Pocket PC. 

Read PocketPixPrint Developer License Agreement

For questions or company purchase orders/checks/money orders/wire transfers: sales@fieldsoftware.com  

Developer's License
10 Installations - $10 each
Developer's License
100 Installations - $7 each
Developer's License
1000 Installations - $4 ea.